Photo: Davide Ragusa on Unsplash
Photo: Davide Ragusa on Unsplash

The Animal Reader is an animal news organization. We want to encourage people to question whether it’s ethically and morally correct to treat animals the way we do in our society.  

Almost 70% of animals have disappeared since 1970 because people have mistreated animals and the environment. 

We treat animals as products and not living beings. We kill them in huge numbers for food and clothes, destroy their habitat so we can use it for farming, keep them in captivity for our entertainment and do cruel tests on them for cosmetic reasons.

People have lost their connection with animals, and part of the problem is mainstream media. For example, when it comes to agriculture, animals are often referred to as their economic value. 

We’re based in the Netherlands, where barn fires happen often. The Animal Reader started when we noticed that every time there was a barn fire and hundreds of pigs or chickens were burnt alive, mainstream media would ask the farmer how he’s doing and how much money he had lost. 

It blew our mind that not the animals, who had just horribly lost their lives, were the main story but the well-being and financial resources of the farmer. 

Countless news articles are very human-minded and don’t consider the suffering of animals in our society. This needs to change in our current media landscape.

We believe that compassion for animals will come if we start reporting news about animals with the same values as we do news about humans.

The Animal Reader wants to create a platform where animal lives are the focus of news stories.

More compassion for animals will not only end their suffering but also lead to a better understanding of our planet’s problems. It starts with valuing the most innocent beings on this planet. 

What happens to animals is just as important as what happens to humans. We need each other to keep this planet healthy

To reach as many people as possible, we need funding to attract and train journalists with an animal-focused view. 

We would appreciate your help, and if you have any questions, please mail us at [email protected] or send Prya Bisambhar a message via LinkedIn or Twitter.