Change the way humans interact with animals

The Animal Reader’s mission is to change the way our audience views animals and rethink our relationship with animals. 

According to WWF’s 2020 global Living Planet Index, there has been a decline of almost 70% of animals between 1970 and 2016. This can be attributed to the way we treat animals and the environments we share with them. 

Taking COVID-19 as an example, it serves as a reminder of why we need to start changing how we look at animals and how we treat them

The way we exploit animals for food through factory farming or the way we clear forests and unleash new diseases could be solved by educating the global audience to start treating animals as individuals, rather than objects to be exploited. 

By reporting news in a non-human-centric manner and promoting compassion to animals, and by changing the language used for animals, such as ‘it’ to ‘he/she/they/them’, we would like to gain more compassion for animal lives that might be neglected by current media platforms.

This includes more fair and just reporting on animal welfare and rights for farm animals, captive animals and wildlife.

We need your help in creating these stories. Please consider becoming a sponsor and help us reach our goal. We need to save our planet for future generations of humans and animals.

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