Circus animals rescued from trailer fire in US

Police rescued five zebras, four camels, and a miniature horse from the American circus company Shrine Circus on Saturday after a trailer transporting them caught fire.

Baby mole rescued from Colombia wildfires (VIDEO)


The Metropolitan Police of Bucaramanga shared a video on Wednesday showing the rescue of a baby mole from the wildfires in Colombia.

Activists protest bullfighting during Pope Francis service in Italy 

Two women from the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protested against bullfighting on Thursday during a service with Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, in Italy.

Lonely giraffe Benito arrives at Mexico wildlife park

After a 50-hour journey from northern to central Mexico, the giraffe Benito arrived at his new home on Tuesday. Benito was transported in a long wooden crate.

Dehydrated baby monkeys in backpack seized in Chile (VIDEO)


Customs officers seized five baby monkeys at a checkpoint in northern Chile near Bolivia, authorities said on Wednesday. The animals were found hungry and dehydrated in a backpack. One monkey died. 

Stray animals poisoned in Albania (INTERVIEW)

Stray animals are being poisoned in Albania, Aida Shabani from animal welfare organization Dandi Animal Rescue Mission told The Animal Reader. 

Rare white penguin spotted in Chilean Antarctica (VIDEO)

A nearly all-white penguin was spotted at the Gabriel Gonzalez Videla Base in the Chilean Antarctica. The female penguin was seen chilling in the icy climate in early January.

Black bear Yampil rescued from Ukraine zoo arrives in Scotland

An Asiatic black bear, who was found in an abandoned zoo in Ukraine, arrived on Friday at a zoo in Scotland. Out of 200 animals at the zoo in Donetsk, the black bear named Yampil was one of the few to survive.

Plastic pieces spill in Spain causes problems for animals

A lot of tiny plastic pieces, called nurdles, have spread across some beaches in Spain. These plastics came from a big container that fell into the sea from a ship off the coast of Portugal last month. 

Nigeria combats elephant poaching by destroying seized tusks

Nigeria on Tuesday publicly destroyed a huge amount of elephant tusks, worth about $11.2 million, in an attempt to protect its dwindling elephant population from poaching.