Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Oceana takes legal steps against UK over oil and gas licenses


Ocean conservation organization Oceana UK announced on Wednesday that it is preparing to sue the United Kingdom government over the severe threat posed to marine life by the latest licenses for oil and gas exploration in the North Sea.

Calf rammed twice by police car is doing well

A 10-month-old calf named Beau Lucy, who was rammed twice by a police car on Friday in England, is doing better, her owner told news outlet Channel 5.

Antelope dies at zoo after chocking on plastic waste from visitor

A rare sitatunga antelope named Lief died at Brights Zoo in the United States after choking on a plastic cap from a squeezable food pouch. Visitors are not allowed to bring these kinds of items into the zoo.

Iceland grants license to kill 128 fin whales in 2024

Iceland announced on Tuesday that it has issued a license to whaling company Hvalur hf. to kill 128 fin whales in 2024.

Aquafarming now primary source of fish globally, UN says

For the first time, farmed fish production has surpassed the catch from traditional fishing, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced on Friday.

Rare sunfish washed up dead on US beach

An enormous and rare sunfish, measuring 2.2 meters, has washed up dead on the northern coast of the United States, in the state of Oregon.

Bird flu outbreak at another US dairy farm, 40 cows infected

Minnesota has reported its first case of bird flu in a dairy herd, adding to the ongoing virus outbreak in the United States.

Research animal breeder Envigo fined $22 million for abusing and killing beagles


Envigo, a research animal breeder based in the United States, pleaded guilty to animal welfare crimes after abuse and deaths of beagles were reported.

European Elections: Over 900 candidates pledge to protect animal welfare

More than 900 candidates for the European Parliament have pledged to enhance animal protection if elected. The “Vote for Animals” campaign is organized by Eurogroup for Animals and its member organizations.

138 pilot whales killed at latest grindadráp in Faroe Islands

At least 138 pilot whales were killed in the latest grindadráp this weekend in the Faroe Islands, a group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean.