Special trained dogs help search for victims of Maui fire

After last week’s deadly wildfires in Maui in Hawaii, special dogs with a year of intense training are helping to search for victims. These dogs can identify human remains.

Threatened blue marlin killed for cash during fishing event


A blue marlin, a threatened species, was killed for sport and money during the White Marlin Open deep-sea fishing tournament. 

Tunisia wetlands dry up, endangering migratory birds

Wetlands in Tunisia are drying up, putting a delicate ecosystem at risk and forcing huge flocks of migrating birds to seek other places to nest. The birds’ journey between Africa and Europe has always relied on these wetlands as essential rest stops.

Amazon deforestation agreement incomplete, WWF concerned

While the Amazon Summit saw countries uniting to protect the valuable Amazon rainforest, the World Wildlife Find (WWF) has expressed its disappointment over the lack of a unified commitment to end deforestation.

Mexico vaquita porpoise faces extinction


An extinction alert has been issued by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) for the endangered vaquita porpoise, whose population has decreased to less than a dozen.

Seven baby spider monkeys found in backpack at US border

Texas border patrol agents found seven spider monkeys in a backpack of a person who tried to smuggle the animals from Mexico into the United States. Spider monkeys, native to the forests of Central and South America, are known for their long limbs and lengthy tails.

Dutch railway operator NS ends collaboration with Dolfinarium over animal welfare concerns

The Dutch National Railway (NS) has announced that it will end its long-standing partnership with marine mammal park Dolfinarium in Harderwijk, citing concerns over animal welfare. 

Wildfire rages in northeastern Spain

A severe wildfire has broken out in Portbou, a coastal town located in northeastern Spain, near the French border. 

Three elephants die from electrocution in India

Three elephants died on Friday from electrocution in Assam in India. The event highlighted the ongoing issue of human-elephant conflict in the region.

Finland orders mass killing of 70,000 mink and foxes after bird flu outbreak

The food authority in Finland announced on Wednesday that 70,000 farmed mink and foxes across three fur farms would be killed after some of the animals got infected with the H5N1 strain of bird flu.