Indigenous fire fighting techniques help animals escape


With alarming predictions for an upcoming hot Australian summer, the Aboriginal-owned Jagun Alliance is educating residents of Billen Cliffs Village in New South Wales about Indigenous fire management techniques. 

EU postpones promised ban on caged farming

European Commission (EC) President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Wednesday that the previously pledged ban on caged farming and other animal welfare measures, like killing day-old chicks and fur farming, would be postponed.

India removes stray dogs ahead of G20 summit


Hundreds of street dogs were rounded up from the streets of Delhi as the world’s leaders prepare to meet for the G20 summit in the capital of India, sparking concerns and criticisms from animal rights activists. The summit starts on Saturday and lasts for two days.

Protestors end 24-hour blockade on whaling ships in Iceland


After a protest that lasted over 24 hours, Anahita Babaei and Elissa Bijou, two activists who oppose the lifting of the whaling ban in Iceland, descended on Tuesday from the masts of whaling ships Hvalur 8 and Hvalur 9 in Reykjavík Harbor. 

Beloved mother bear shot dead sparks widespread outrage in Italy

The killing of a mother bear in central Italy has sparked outrage among environmental and animal rights groups and politicians. Wildlife experts are searching for her cubs as they are not old enough to survive on their own.

Volunteers step up to help stray animals beat the heat in Georgia

With temperatures hitting as high as 40°C this summer, stray animals in Georgia are struggling to survive. Volunteers from local organizations are working hard to help these dogs and cats find relief from the unbearable heat.

Penguin chicks die due to melting ice in Antarctica

Emperor penguin chicks died in Antarctica due to the rapid melting of sea ice. New research from the British Antarctic Survey reveals the first breeding failure of emperor penguin colonies, where no chicks survived during a single season.

Colombia marine rescue 43 sea turtles


Marine officers have rescued and released 43 sea turtles in Colombia. The animals were victims of trafficking, authorities said on Sunday.

Orca Lolita dies after 50 years in captivity in Florida

The 57-year-old orca Lolita, also known as Tokitae or Toki, died Friday at Miami Seaquarium in Florida, United States. The orca was kept in captivity for over 50 years. 

Paris to ban pony rides in city parks

The French city of Paris has announced a ban on pony rides for children in its public parks, effective from 2025. The decision follows a long campaign by animal rights activists who witnessed poor treatment of the ponies.