About The Animal Reader

The Animal Reader reports on stories from the often ignored animal perspective. Animals are everywhere in our lives – on our plates, our roads, in our homes and clothing – but their presence is reported on principally from our point of view, as the user.

The Animal Reader seeks to include the animal perspective, bringing their well-being into the spotlight. We want to show readers how critical animal well-being is to human well-being and highlight some of the paradoxical ways we treat and think about animals.

Why, for example, do we get so upset about pet mistreatment but seem to care so little about farmed food animals? And why do we mostly ignore the suffering of fish and other marine animals and yet find huge emotional satisfaction in watching a documentary like My Octopus Teacher?

Since 1970 almost 70% of animals have disappeared thanks to human activity. Instead, we have built, and continue to build, massive farms full of chickens, pigs, cows and other food animals. These animals are hidden from us, deprived of natural light, natural food and their freedom.

Those huge animal farms offer the perfect environment for new infections – especially those that thrive in pig and chicken populations – which could be the source of the next pandemic.

And to feed these mostly indoor farmed animals, we have destroyed nature and cut down significant parts of rainforest to grow soy, corn and other crops. 

We are just beginning to appreciate how badly we underestimated the warnings of the scientists that highlighted the massive problems of climate change.

Our goal is to help ensure we don’t similarly ignore the experts and scientists telling us that unless we treat animals with more respect, we will continue to suffer. We need each other to keep this planet healthy

To reach as many readers as possible, The Animal Reader needs your support and donations. This will enable us to cover more stories from the animal perspective and will allow us to attract and train more journalists.

We would appreciate your help, and if you have any questions or story ideas, please mail us at [email protected].