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Chile kills 40,000 chickens after bird flu outbreak

Chile kills 40,000 chickens after bird flu outbreak

Around 40,000 chickens were killed and buried in Chile on Wednesday after the country confirmed its first case of bird flu.
Zoo workers blame Chile government for death of lion Zeus

Zoo workers blame Chile government for death of lion Zeus 

Zoo workers placed the body of the 14-year-old male lion Zeus in front of the government building in Chile.
Stray dog trapped for days on rocks in river rescued in Chile

Dog trapped for days on rocks in river rescued in Chile (VIDEO)

A stray dog who was trapped for days on rocks in the second-largest river in Chile was rescued by the navy on Thursday morning.

Flamingos in Chiles’s Atacama show decline in numbers (VIDEO)

Flamingo numbers are falling on the white plains of Chile's lithium-rich Atacama desert, according to a study published in the Royal Society's Proceedings B journal. Flamingos drink water in the areas to stay hydrated.
Bones on the ground, animal news

Chilean lake dries up, killing all fish

The Peñuelas Lake in central Chile has completely dried up after a historic 13-year drought. The dried and cracked earth that was once the lake bed is full of fish skeletons and desperate animals searching for water.
Little silver collared fish lie dead on beach, animal news

Thousands of dead fish wash up on beach in Chile 

Thousands of dead sardines and anchovies washed up on Saturday on a beach in the Biobío region in Chile.
Black and white condor with large white wings flying, animal news

Rescued Andean condors Pumalin and Liquine released in Chile

The two juvenile condors Pumalin and Liquine have been released back into the wild in Chile after being rescued from death.
Wooden beehives with bees on the left side

Beekeepers protest with thousands of bees in Chile ‘Bees are dying’

Beekeepers protested with thousands of bees in Santiago. "We were protesting because of the drought...bees are dying."
Tiger in a cage, one person feeds him, the other is preparing to give him an injection from the side

Buin Zoo in Chile tests experimental COVID-19 vaccine on animals

Lions, tigers, pumas and an orangutan received an experimental coronavirus vaccine on Monday in the Buin Zoo in Santiago, Chile.
Four people push a bleeding whale into sea

Sei whale spotted dead in water after locals try to help him in Chile

People from Hualpén in Chile tried to help a stranded and badly injured sei whale back into the sea on Friday.
Vaccine producers ready for human bird flu outbreak

Vaccine producers ready for potential human bird flu outbreak 

Pharmaceutical companies have said they can produce hundreds of millions bird flu vaccines for humans in case of an avian influenza outbreak. 
Drought Argentina is killing farm animals

‘You hear the calves cry until they die’ Drought Argentina is killing farm animals

The worst drought in 60 years is killing farm animals and wildlife in Argentina. Animals are left without water and food. 
Lion shot and killed in South Africa after escape

Lion shot dead after escaping in South Africa

A lion was shot dead on Friday after she escaped a truck in which she was transported between game reserves in South Africa.
Bobi from Portugal is the oldest dog in the world

Bobi (30) from Portugal is the oldest dog in the world

Bobi is the oldest dog in the world, according to the Guinness World Records: he is 30 years and 270 days old

Argentine aquarium releases penguins, keeps orca captive (VIDEO)

Twelve Magellanic penguins returned home after being rescued and rehabilitated by the Mundo Marino in Argentina.

Massive bumblebee painting in England on World Bee Day (VIDEO)

Artists in England have created a massive bumblebee painting on World Bee Day to raise awareness about the vanishing animals.
Whale lying on sand, animal news

Injured beached sperm whale dies in Portugal

An injured sperm whale who stranded on Fonte da Telha beach in Portugal died late Friday night.
Two sea urchins next to each other, animal news

Brazilian biologists find microplastics in sea urchins

Marine biologists in Rio de Janeiro found that the impact of plastic pollution is far worse than they thought.
Light brown hairy Angora rabbit posin gin front of Christmas tree

Armani will ban cruelly produced angora wool next winter

Italian luxury fashion house Armani announced it would no longer use angora wool starting from next year's winter season.