One Voice files complaint to rescue last circus elephant in France

One Voice files complaint to rescue last circus elephant in France

Animal welfare organization One Voice has filed a complaint for the release of Samba, the last circus elephant in France.

The move follows disturbing new aerial footage revealing the poor conditions of her enclosure at the Cirque d’Europe in Illiers-Combray, Eure-et-Loir.

The footage shows Samba confined to a tiny, empty enclosure. Samba is a 36-year-old female elephant born in the wild but captured at a young age and sold to the circus.

“For the first time, we are revealing images of Samba taken from the sky. A makeshift enclosure, tiny, empty of any occupation, and solitude. Total boredom for this intelligent and sociable animal, which, in the wild, travels several tens of kilometers per day with its family,” One Voice stated.

During performances, Samba is forced to adopt painful and unnatural postures. “Guided by a stick and under the threat of a hook, Samba performs ridiculous ‘numbers’ that cause her significant distress,” One Voice reported.

One Voice has arranged for a spot for the elephant at a sanctuary. “We can organize her transfer and are committed to taking care of everything. All that is needed is the agreement of the authorities,” One Voice declared.

The organization emphasizes that, with upcoming bans on the use of wild animals in traveling circuses, authorities should prioritize relocating these animals to sanctuaries rather than allowing their continued exploitation.

One Voice pointed to the tragic example of another circus elephant, Baby. Baby was sent to a zoo in Tunisia where her conditions are as bad as in the circus.

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