Tens of thousands rally in London for Restore Nature Now march

Tens of thousands rally in London for Restore Nature Now march

At least 50,000 people gathered in central London on Saturday for the Restore Nature Now march, demanding urgent action to address the ongoing crisis affecting nature.

The march, supported by 350 environmental groups, included organizations such as Extinction Rebellion (XR), the World Wildlife Fund, Butterfly Conservation, Just Stop Oil, and the Hunt Saboteurs.

“I don’t understand how they (politicians) just don’t care. There’s flooding, heatwaves, and extreme weather. People are dying here in London because of pollution. The destruction of nature is a health crisis. The climate crisis is a health crisis. Yet those in positions of power don’t seem to see that,” said Valerie, a retired doctor and member of XR.

The diverse crowd, featuring a wide range of colorful costumes and banners, called for preserving and restoring nature.

“No nature, no food; no nature, no water; no nature, no prosperity; no nature, no health; no nature, no justice; no nature, no peace; no nature, no joy; no nature, no home; no nature, no life,” said Craig Bennet, CEO of The Wildlife Trusts.

“We need to stop treating nature restoration as an act of goodwill but the necessity that it is,” said researcher Flo Blackbourn.

“I want everybody to know who we are as indigenous peoples. I want you to know that the Amazon is giving us life. I’ve come here so that we can learn to respect Mother Nature because if we don’t, Mother Nature will destroy us,” said Nemonte Nenquimo from the Ecuadorian Amazon.

“If we don’t act now, we won’t have a countryside anymore,” actress Emma Thompson, who attended the march, told Channel 4 News.

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