Calf rammed twice by police car is doing well

Calf rammed twice by police car is doing well

A 10-month-old calf named Beau Lucy, who was rammed twice by a police car on Friday in England, is doing better, her owner told news outlet Channel 5.

The animal is back at the farm she escaped from, but calls to release her to a sanctuary are growing.

Her owner, a farmer named Rob from Surrey, said she is improving but still has bruises, grazes, a limp, and is mentally shaken from being hit by the car.

The distressing event happened in Feltham, West London, where police officers rammed the calf twice with a car. This drastic action was captured on video, sparking public outrage.

The calf had escaped from her farm in Surrey and swam across a river before being pursued by the police. Rob accused the officers of trying to kill her and criticized the police for not using a tranquilizer and involving a vet to handle the situation more humanely.

Officer suspended

The incident has drawn widespread criticism, including from Home Secretary James Cleverly, who condemned the approach of the Surrey Police.

The force has removed the officer involved from frontline duties pending an investigation. A petition demanding the dismissal of the police officer has been signed almost 60,000 times.

While Beau Lucy shows promising signs of recovery, Rob remains cautious about potential internal injuries that might not yet be apparent. The calf eats and interacts normally, which are positive indicators of her overall health.

“She’s not ‘home’. She’s back somewhere that ultimately will send her to a slaughterhouse to die once the media interest has gone. I hope they find it in their hearts to send her to a sanctuary, a genuine home,” Wendy Higgins, director of international media at Humane Society International, said in a tweet in response to the footage shared of Beau Lucy at home.

“Please tell the owners to release her to a sanctuary. After the horror she has been through, that is what she deserves,” Crowsplay wrote on X.

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