European Elections: Over 900 candidates pledge to protect animal welfare

European Elections: Over 900 candidates pledge to protect animal welfare

More than 900 candidates for the European Parliament have pledged to enhance animal protection if elected. The “Vote for Animals” campaign is organized by Eurogroup for Animals and its member organizations.

The campaign calls on candidates to commit to stronger animal welfare measures across various issues, including live animal transport, the conservation of wild species, promoting non-animal scientific research, and regulating imports of animal-based products to ensure they meet EU standards.

It also advocates for a future ban on fur farming, sustainable food production practices, and establishing an EU commissioner dedicated to animal welfare.

A total of 940 candidates from all political backgrounds in 26 EU Member States have taken the pledge. Approximately 400 million EU citizens will be eligible to vote in the European elections, which will take place between June 6 and 9, 2024.

Reineke Hameleers, CEO of Eurogroup for Animals, praised the widespread candidate support, noting, “It is important that the next European Parliament represents citizens’ demands for better protection of all animal species, and MEPs can help to ensure that this topic stays on top of the agenda for the next term.”

The commitment of these candidates highlights the growing demand for better animal welfare policies in the EU.

Key Points of the Pledge

  • Live Animal Transport: Candidates commit to improving conditions for animals during transport.
  • Non-Animal Science: Promoting scientific research that does not involve animals.
  • Aquatic Species Welfare: Ensuring better protection for aquatic animals.
  • Wild Animal Conservation: Strengthening conservation efforts for wild animals.
  • Imports of Animal-Based Products: Regulating imports to ensure they meet EU animal welfare standards.
  • Companion Animal Welfare: Enhancing the protection of pets and companion animals.
  • Fur Farming Ban: Supporting a future ban on fur farming.
  • Sustainable Food Production: Advocating for sustainable and humane food production methods.
  • EU Commissioner for Animal Welfare: Proposing the creation of an EU commissioner dedicated to animal welfare.

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