Black bear killed after attacking teenager in US cabin

Black bear killed after attacking teenager in US cabin

A black bear was killed after he entered a cabin and attacked a teenager in the United States. 

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) reported that the bear entered the cabin in Arizona through an open door and approached the 15-year-old boy from behind. 

After initially leaving the cabin, the bear returned and attacked the boy again, injuring his face and arm. The boy had cuts on his nose and arm and received medical treatment at a local hospital.

Wildlife officers arrived at the scene and were able to locate and kill the male bear, estimated to be around three years old. AZGFD wildlife health specialists will examine the bear’s remains for diseases.

This incident marks the 16th bear attack on humans in Arizona since 1990, with two fatalities reported within that period. 

AZGFD reminded the public that black bears are predatory and unpredictable. They advise taking precautions when in bear territory, such as securing food, keeping doors and windows shut, moving in groups, and keeping pets leashed. 

In case of a bear encounter, the department advises not to run but to back away slowly while maintaining eye contact and making oneself appear larger.

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