Dutch provincial council calls for end of monkey trade for animal testing

Dutch province calls for end of monkey trade for animal testing

The North Brabant provincial council in the Netherlands wants a ban on the trade of monkeys used for animal testing.

Hundreds of monkeys imported from Vietnam by Dutch monkey trader Hartelust in Tilburg for animal testing were killed due to some being infected with the lung disease tuberculosis (TB).

Hartelust imports monkeys from abroad that are intended for animal testing. After the animals reach the Netherlands, they are sent to research centers in the Netherlands, Spain, France and other countries.

Last February, 480 monkeys were imported from Vietnam to Tilburg and sold to various countries. Research centers in Spain and France, which bought the monkeys, reported that some animals had TB. 

Therefore, Hartelust decided to euthanize all remaining monkeys, including those that were healthy. The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality confirmed this in response to parliamentary questions from the political party Party for the Animals.

The provincial council of North Brabant now seeks to end the trade in these animals. “You have to ask yourself if you want such a trader in Tilburg at all. That’s why we call on the minister to stop the trade,” Ellen Putman, a member of the Party for the Animals, told local media Omroep Brabant.

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