Horses Quaker and Vida are doing better after London incident

Concern for horses Vida and Qauker following distressing incident in London

Royal horses Quaker and Vida are recovering after undergoing surgery, the British Army reported. The horses were injured when they ran through traffic in London.

The British Army issued an update on Monday stating that Quaker, a Cavalry black horse, has shown ‘significant improvement’. He is on the path to a full recovery.

Vida, described as a grey horse, is also making steady progress under continuous veterinary care. His wounds need to heal. The army emphasized that “healing takes time.”

On April 24, Quaker and Vida, along with two other horses named Trojan and Tennyson, were startled by the sound of falling concrete during a morning exercise session in the Belgravia neighborhood. The animals ran through the streets at full speed.

Their frantic sprint through central London’s streets was captured in several videos that circulated on social media, highlighting the severity of the situation. 

Observers saw the horses running through traffic and colliding with cars, visibly shaken and injured. One of the horses was covered in blood. The police were finally able to catch the horses, and they were given immediate veterinary care.

The Household Cavalry maintains around 150 horses. Each morning, the horses participate in exercises through the streets of London and in nearby parks. 

This routine is intended to help them adjust to the urban environment and desensitize them to the city’s sounds and activities.

This incident has highlighted the risks associated with these duties and the unpredictability of working with animals in urban environments.

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