Concern for two horses following distressing incident in London

Concern for horses Vida and Qauker following distressing incident in London

Two horses from the Household Cavalry, Vida and Quaker, are in serious condition after they ran through traffic in London. Lieutenant Colonel Matt Woodward said that building materials dropped from a height scared the animals during a routine exercise.

Vida and Quaker were part of a group of five horses that ran through the streets near Aldwych on Wednesday. Videos that circulated on social media showed the horses running through central London’s busy streets. One of the horses was covered in blood. 

Witnesses at the scene described the horses running through traffic and bumping into cars, visibly shaken and injured. The situation ended with the intervention of the City of London Police, who recaptured the frightened animals. 

Officers took the horses to Hyde Park military barracks, where they are receiving care from army veterinarians.

“There were five horses. They have all been recovered. Three of them are fine, two of them are unfortunately in a relatively serious condition,” Defence Minister James Cartlidge told Sky News. “They are in a serious condition, but as I understand, still alive.”

Horses of the Household Cavalry

The Household Cavalry is a prestigious unit of the British Army that serves as the Queen’s official bodyguard. They also participate in royal parades and state occasions, such as the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace and the Trooping the Colour. Soldiers ride horses, dressed in highly decorated uniforms.

The Household Cavalry maintains around 150 horses. Each morning, the horses participate in exercises through the streets of London and in nearby parks, which helps acclimatize them to the urban environment and desensitize them to the city’s sounds and activities.

However, the incident has reignited the debate over whether animals should be used in parades in modern England.

“These ceremonies are dated and a detriment to horses that should be off London’s busy streets, while the monarchy gets off their backs,” animal welfare organization Friends of Animals said.

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