20,000 pigs killed after fire at pig factory in Germany

A devastating fire at a large pig fattening factory in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, resulted in the death of approximately 20,000 pigs.

A devastating fire at a large pig fattening factory in Germany killed 20,000 pigs. The fire started late Friday afternoon, and over 200 firefighters worked throughout the weekend to contain it.

LFD Holding, Germany’s largest pig factory, has been repeatedly criticized for animal cruelty. In 2021, a major fire killed 55,000 pigs, including piglets.

The latest fire again raises concerns over the company’s approach to safety and animal welfare.

Animal welfare organizations argue that the persistent fires at LFD facilities reflect systemic problems with the company. It prioritizes profit over animal welfare and safety. The frequency of these large fires suggests a lack of action by LFD Holding to address underlying safety deficiencies.

Animal Cruelty at LFD

In 2004, the Dutch entrepreneur Adrianus Straathof founded LFD Holding. He had already faced repeated criticism for practices related to animal cruelty.

Straathof began his pig farm operations in the Netherlands. There, he faced legal actions there due to animal cruelty and overcrowding at his pig farms. He then expanded his operations to Germany and later to Hungary.

Under Straathof’s leadership, the company, rebranded as LFD Holding in 2014, became a significant player in large-scale piglet production across Europe.

Despite its industrial success, the company has been accused of numerous scandals involving the treatment of animals. Incidents of brutal treatment of piglets and the keeping of sows in excessively narrow gestation crates have been documented, leading to legal convictions and fines.

Footage showing piglets being beaten to death and sows confined in tight spaces sparked widespread outrage and led to official sanctions.

In 2020, Straathof sold the company to Terra Grundwerte AG, a Swiss-based investment group.

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