Italian island Alicudi has too many goats and plans to give them away

Italian island Alicudi has too many goats and plans to give them away

The tiny Italian island of Alicudi, with a population of around 120 humans and 600 goats, faces a unique challenge: more animals than humans. Riccardo Gullo, the mayor of Alicudi, has proposed a plan to give away the goats to anyone interested.

Alicudi’s goats are skilled climbers and live on the island’s steep cliffs. Initially, the goats were a charming attraction for residents and tourists alike.

However, as their numbers increased, they began going to places where humans live. They started to eat plants in gardens, knock down stone walls, and sometimes even walk into people’s houses.

To address this, Gullo proposed to allow not only farmers but anyone to buy a goat for free. He hopes to find new homes for the goats and restore tranquility to the island.

The initiative has gained interest, with individuals like a farmer from a neighboring island considering buying some goats. While Gullo hopes the goats won’t be killed, he leaves their future use to the new owners’ decision.

Residents wonder how the animals will be removed from the island. Alicudi’s rough terrain, steep paths, and lack of roads make capturing and transporting the goats challenging.

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