Orca Inouk dies at Marineland after 25 years in captivity

Orca Inouk dies at Marineland after 25 years in captivity

Inouk, an orca held in captivity at Marineland in France, died on Thursday after 25 years, marking the end of a life spent entirely within the park’s pools. His cause of death is not yet known. 

Inouk was born in Marineland Antibes on February 23rd, 1999. He lived his whole life in the enclosures of Marineland, and his health had been a concern for years, leading to actions and legal battles from animal welfare organizations. 

Despite efforts to rehome the orca to a sanctuary, Inouk remained at the park until his death. The news comes amid ongoing debates about the welfare of captive orcas and follows the recent death of another orca, the 12-year-old Moana, at the same facility.

Animal welfare organization One Voice has been critical of Marineland’s treatment of its orcas, particularly following Inouk’s prolonged health issues. They have campaigned against Mariland’s practices, including proposed relocations of the orcas to other facilities. 

On Saturday, hundreds of people gathered in front of Marineland in Antibes to protest the death of Inouk and demand the release of the remaining two orcas: the 22-year-old female Wikie -sister of Inouk and mother of Moana- and the 10-year-old male orca Keijo

One Voice has been pushing for the relocation of the remaining orcas to a more natural and humane environment and is calling for accountability from Marineland regarding the conditions that led to the orcas’ deaths.

The situation at Marineland has attracted legal attention. The Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal is evaluating Inouk and Moana’s health and living conditions, as well as their interaction with other orcas and the park’s facilities. 

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