Dutch agriculture minister cancels major animal welfare changes 

Dutch agriculture minister cancels major animal welfare changes

Piet Adema, the Dutch agriculture minister, has announced a pause on substantial changes to improve the welfare of pigs, chickens, and cows in the coming years.

Adema said on Friday that it would be too expensive and that he was unable to secure the necessary funding, leaving Dutch politicians and animal welfare organizations in shock. He said that farmers can only upgrade their farms with government support.

“Politics and society want an end to animal suffering in livestock farming. Minister deletes legal protection for animals – and replaces it with an empty shell,” Esther Ouwehand, Dutch politician and leader of the Party for the Animals, said.

The minister only mentioned some possible changes like clean water and fresh air for farm animals by 2030.

He also mentioned a potential ban on tail docking by 2040. Tail docking is a practice where pigs’ tails are burnt or cut to prevent them from biting each other’s tails in cramped conditions.

Other considerations for 2040 include preventing the separation of calves from their mothers and increasing natural light in barns.

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