France bans meat names for plant-based products

France bans meat names for plant protein to please animal farmers

France announced a ban on using words like “ham” and “steak” for plant-based products, a decision made to please animal farmers.

The growing market for plant-based protein products in France has angered the animal farming sector due to customer loss. French animal farmers have also expressed concerns about competing with cheaper imported meat.

In the summer of 2022, France attempted to ban the use of traditional meat names for plant protein. However, it was blocked by an administrative court for being too vague and not providing companies sufficient time to adapt.

On Tuesday, the government published a new law, effective in three months, banning 21 meat names to describe protein-based products.

La Vie, a French company that produces pork-like products from plant protein, stated that consumers were not confused by labeling. The added that the measure only applies to food made in France, which would mean that would benefit imported plant-based products.

The French government has also chosen not to wait for a ruling from the European Court of Justice, according to La Vie.

In recent weeks, the struggling animal farming sector has been a major theme among French and other EU farmers, who are increasingly frustrated with falling prices, foreign competition, and environmental regulations.

The ban on using meat names for plant-based products is part of a strategy by the French government to promote animal farming.

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