Alia Bhatt and Richie Mehta’s new ivory poaching drama series

Fighting ivory poaching drama series 'Die Hard meets Planet Earth'

Fighting ivory poaching is the central theme in the upcoming crime drama series ‘Poacher’. The show was released on Friday on streaming service Amazon Prime Video.

‘Poacher’ is about a group of forest agents who try to track down the biggest elephant ivory poachers in the history of India.

Richie Mehta, the creator of Poacher, told news agency Reuters that he sees the series as “Die Hard meets Planet Earth,” as the series is a combination of crime and artistically-created wildlife scenes.

“We used the best artists in the world, and you’ve seen The Lion King, the Jungle Book, these remakes that they’ve done,” Mehta said. “That conservation side of me felt, okay, we’ve gotten to a point now in our craft and artistry as human beings that we can recreate, with absolute photorealism, these animals.”

The dual English-Malayalam language series stars Nimisha Sajayan as wildlife conservationist Mala. The show was partly filmed in protected elephant sanctuaries in India.

Mehta explained that filming on locations in the wildlife sanctuaries was sometimes challenging. “We were shooting in elephant corridors, obviously with the support of the authorities, and that rule was that it’s their home. So, any animal, of any kind that comes, everything stops,” Mehta said.

“And you have your 200 people, 300 people, a massive crew, and everything happening. We would do it in a way where we were not trampling, which was, to me, the key,” he added.

Executive producer Alia Bhatt promised “twists and turns” as the series developed and said she was very hooked to the plot, which was based on true events.

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