New footage shows 16,000 animals stuck on ship in Australia (VIDEO)

Animal News : New footage shows 16,000 animals stuck on ship in Australia
16,000 animals behind metal bars in Australia, credit: still from video Australian Broadcasting Corporation

A ship carrying 16,000 animals for almost a month docked at a Perth port in Australia on Thursday. The vessel, MV Bahijah, transported 14,000 sheep and 2,000 cows from Australia to Israel but returned due to the threat of attack by Yemen’s Houthi militia.

New footage by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation showed the animals cramped together behind metal bars. The animals cannot disembark from the ship in Perth, where temperatures can rise up to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).

The government is trying to decide on their fate: whether to allow the animals to exit the ship and go into quarantine or to send them straight back to Israel, which means they would have to endure another month facing metal bars.

The animals have been on the ship since January 5. Government and industry officials claim that they are in good health, but animal welfare advocates consider their situation to be torture.

Live animal transport

Each year, Australia sends hundreds of thousands of live animals to Israel and other countries in the Middle East. The conditions on these livestock ships are hellish, and the animals are usually slaughtered upon arrival. New Zealand banned live animal transports by sea in 2023 due to animal welfare concerns.

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