Baby mole rescued from Colombia wildfires (VIDEO)

Animal News : Baby mole rescued from Colombia wildfires

The Metropolitan Police of Bucaramanga shared a video on Wednesday showing the rescue of a baby mole from the wildfires in Colombia.

In the video, a firefighter is holding the little mole, which he then releases into a safer area. This incident occurred during Colombia’s severe wildfire crisis, worsened by the El Niño weather pattern and soaring temperatures.

Colombia’s President, Gustavo Petro, declared a state of emergency as the fires approached the capital, Bogotá. According to a report from the environmental ministry, firefighters have extinguished around 204 fires this month.

All nine countries in the Amazon basin are experiencing a record drought caused by climate change. Colombia, home to some 10% of the world’s flora and fauna, is one of the most biodiverse countries globally.

Moles are small mammals known for their extraordinary adaptation to underground life. Their velvety fur, powerful forelimbs, and sensory whiskers enable them to navigate and survive in their tunnel habitats.

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