Lonely giraffe Benito arrives at Mexico wildlife park

Animal News : Lonely giraffe Benito arrives at Mexico wildlife park after 50-hour journey
Giraffe Benito stands in a container in which he will be transferred to Africam Safari, Mexico, credit: Reuters/Jose Luis Gonzalez

After a 50-hour journey from northern to central Mexico, the giraffe Benito arrived at his new home on Tuesday. Benito was transported in a long wooden crate.

In May 2023, the giraffe arrived Central Park zoo in Ciudad Juarez in the north of Mexico. He lived alone at the zoo, where it can get extremely cold in winter.

After a successful animal rights campaign to relocate him, he was transported to the Africam Safari wildlife park. The park is located in the state of Puebla, where the climate is more like the giraffe’s natural habitat. Benito will also meet other giraffes who already live there.

“We would have wanted him to be relocated earlier because it would have saved the giraffe a lot of unnecessary suffering. But now we are certainly very happy that he is going to an excellent place like Africam Safari and with a nice climate for our Benito,” Maria Ruiz Varela from the group Save Benito said.

“We are really happy Benito arrived well; he is in optimal condition,” Frank Camacho, director at Africam Safari, said. “We are not sure when he’ll be interacting (with other giraffes). It all depends on how Benito acts with the herd.”

“He comes from a cold climate and with a different diet. For years, we have been growing African plants so giraffes here can eat the same plants as in Africa. Benito will familiarize with the food his cousins in Africa eat,” he added.

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