South Korea celebrates historic ban on dog meat trade

Animal News : South Korea to ban dog meat by 2027
Dogs are shown locked in a cage at a dog meat farm in Hongseong, South Korea, February 8, 2020, credit: Jean Chung/For HSI

South Korea has passed a bill banning the consumption and sale of dog meat, a move that marks the end of a centuries-old practice. This development comes amid growing calls in the country for better animal welfare.

The scene outside the South Korean National Assembly in Seoul was filled with joy as animal activists celebrated the bill’s passing. They held up banners that read “Goodbye Dog Meat Consumption!” and “Dog Meat-Free Korea is Coming,” expressing their relief and happiness over this significant change.

Rescue last farm dogs

“This is a very touching moment as we have been fighting in many ways to end consumption of dog meat in South Korea since 2015. I am so happy that the bill was passed, and now we should work with the government to rescue the dogs left behind and try to find their families,” said Lee Sang-kyung, a campaign manager with Humane Society International.

The bill received overwhelming support, with 208 out of 210 votes in favor. The decision reflects a shift in perceptions towards dogs, increasingly seen as pets and family members rather than a source of meat.

“I am raising my children and a dog together. We’re family. I’m raising the dog as my third child. It’s nonsense to consume dog meat, and I’m so glad the bill was passed today. Consuming dog meat should never happen again in the future,” 43-year-old resident Lee Soo-Jin said.

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