Around 200 animals stranded on Danube island in Serbia rescued

Animal News : Around 200 animals stranded on Danube island in Serbia rescued
Horses stranded on the island of Krcedinska Ada in the Danube River, Serbia, credit: Reuters/Marko Djurica

Authorities and local farmers teamed up on Wednesday to rescue around 200 animals stranded on Krcedinska Ada, an island in the Danube River in Serbia.

The rescue operation was needed because of a sudden rise in the river’s water levels, trapping the horses and cows and leaving them vulnerable to cold and hunger.

The challenging rescue involved multiple trips using a fenced river raft to safely transport 97 cows, 40 calves, and 70 horses back to the mainland.

The distance from the shore to the island reached up to 3 kilometers, making the rescue challenging. Local authorities and about 20 cattle ranchers collaborated to rescue the animals.

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