Dog Cecil eats cash, owner goes through poop to get it all back

Animal News : Dog Cecil eats cash, owner goes through poop to get it all back

A dog ate $4,000 in cash in Pittsburgh, United States. His owners, who were shocked when they realized what happened, had to clean the money of vomit and poop after dog Cecil threw up and defecated.

“I pulled out some money to do some housework and then went to the bank and came back and put the money on the countertop,” Clayton Law, one of the owners of dog Cecil, said.

“I came back, and then I just saw him basically, standing over this pile of money that had been like eaten and torn apart and shredded, and the envelope was totally gone. So I was just kind of in shock,” he added.

After googling ‘Dog ate money, what do I do next?’, they learned that “it was just kind of a waiting game.”

Dogs like the smell

They also called their bank to explain the situation. “They said this actually happens from time to time. That dogs are really attracted to that smell and so if we are able to bring in bills that had most of the serial number from the left and right of the bill, they would be able to replace those,” Carrie Law said.

“Yeah, we were able to recover, you know, enough. It was the same day at 2 a.m. when he first like threw up, like the first amount, and I realized, ‘hey, there’s some money in here,” Clayton said.

Clayton and Carrie said it was out of character for dog Cecil, who had never done anything like this.

“You know, in some ways, a lot of us can relate to this story. We’ve had a pet do something really silly. And I think as long as at the end of the day you just love your pet, and you’re not mad at them, and you understand they are just being animals, it’s fine,” Carrie said.

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