Dog miraculously rescued by US Coast Guard

Animal News : Dog miraculously rescued by US Coast Guard after 90-meter cliff fall

In a dramatic New Year’s Day operation, the United States Coast Guard rescued Leo, a dog that fell off a steep 90-meter cliff at Ecola State Park in Oregon. This is the second such incident in just seven months at this location.

While enjoying an afternoon walk with his owners and another dog, Leo, a 3-year-old Golden Retriever, accidentally fell over the edge of a cliff onto the rocky shores below at Cannon Beach, a drop equal to the height of the Statue of Liberty. The area is known for its challenging terrain, accessible only by descending from a hiking trail.

The local fire departments were preparing a pulley system for the rescue when the Coast Guard helicopter arrived. Dramatic footage captured the tense moments as the rescuer, lowered into the water, approached the injured and frightened dog. Leo was then securely strapped into a basket and lifted to the safety of the helicopter.

Dog Leo’s recovery

Back on solid ground, Leo was reunited with his relieved owners. Despite suffering a collapsed lung, several cuts and bruises, a broken canine tooth, and a broken jaw, Leo was in high spirits. 

After spending a night in the hospital and undergoing surgery, Leo was ready to return home. A fundraiser set up by his family details his injuries and recovery process, highlighting his cheerful personality and eagerness to resume playing with his sibling, Remy.

Second dog rescue

In June, a German Shepherd was also rescued after falling from the same height. Ecola State Park reminds visitors to keep dogs leashed, as the beautiful but dangerous coastal terrain requires caution.

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