Cat Oli completes sailing race in Australia (VIDEO)

Animal News : Cat Oli completes sailing race in Australia
Cat Oli with Bob, still video, credit: Austalian Broadcasting Corporation

Cat Oli was one of the crew members on the last sailing boat to finish the Sydney to Hobart yacht race in Australia on Wednesday.

The dock was full of supporters cheering on the oldest boat in the race, the Sylph VI, as it came into Constitution Dock, with Oli carried up on deck to greet his adoring fans. Some people held signs, and others brought gifts for the cat sailor.

“I think it’s quite amazing how people have, you know, taken a shine to Oli. It was not something I expected, you know, for me Oli is just part of my crew, part of my, you know, the boat, and I’ve sailed with him for several years,” owner Bob Williams, who got a bit emotional from all the attention, said.

For the past five years, Bob sailed with cat Oli around the country, describing Oli as “my friend and mate.” They even crossed the Tasman Sea together to New Zealand.

“Yeah, he’s become quite an international celebrity apparently, which is quite amazing. He’s just an ordinary little moggy, my friend and mate, and it’s quite a nice thing to have this little bit of attention after all this time,” Bob said.

The duo and two other sailors departed Sydney for Hobart on December 26.

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