Madrid dog walk against animal abandonment 

Animal News : Madrid dog walk against animal abandonment 
Humans and dogs take part in the Sanperrestre walk, Madrid, Spain, credit: Reuters/Ana Beltran

Hundreds of people participated with their dogs in the traditional Sanperrestre walk in Madrid on Saturday to raise awareness about animal abandonment.

The Spanish animal protection group El Refugio organized the event against animal abuse and abandonment. Instead of buying dogs and cats, they encourage people to adopt them.

“We are here to support the abandoned dogs and to ask for stronger laws against dog abuse,” participant Paloma Herrera said.

“Many people think that if you adopt a dog, they are damaged, that if you don’t raise them yourself, it’s different, that they are not well, and that’s not true. People shouldn’t buy them. They are not objects,” Barbara Puente, who also took part in the walk, said.

Dog owners passed by the Puerta del Sol square and other sights of Madrid with their excited pets, ending with the Spanish New Year’s Eve tradition of eating 12 grapes. Some dogs were dressed in Santa costumes and other festive outfits.

“An animal gives you so much affection. She fills you with energy. It’s all good what they give you. A dog is all love,” the 66-year-old Susana Isabel Fernandez said.

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