Brazil prison uses geese to guard prisoners (VIDEO)

Animal News : Brazil prison uses geese to prevent prisoners from escaping
A goose named Piu-Piu walks near security agents, Santa Catarina State, Brazil, credit: Reuters/Anderson Coelho

A prison in Brazil is using geese to prevent prisoners from escaping. The birds, dubbed “geese agents,” patrol a green space between the prison’s inside fence and main outer wall.

Staff say the alertness of the geese make them excellent guard animals, even more so than dogs. Goose Piu-Piu heads the small flock, leading fellow geese to oversee the premises. When officers call his name, he responds.

Prison director Marcos Roberto de Souza said caring for the flock of geese is more affordable than raising dogs and that the quiet location of the prison makes it a good option for his facility.

“(We have) electronic surveillance, physical surveillance, (surveillance) through the criminal police on the wall and the guards, and finally, the surveillance of the geese in this case, which replaced the dogs,” De Souza said.

“When it comes to Sao Pedro de Alcantara, I think the location itself is (easy to monitor) as the night is very quiet. Even during the day, as you can see, it is a very silent place. And, at night, even more so. I also think that the logistics of the unit and the way it was built, as you can see, favor this type of security with a flock of geese,” he added.

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