Paris 2024 Olympic Games to feature 60 percent meat-free menu

Animal News : Paris 2024 Olympic Games to feature 60 percent meat-free menu
Olympic rings in front of the Eiffel Tower at the Trocadero square in Paris, France, credit: Reuters/Christian Hartmann

In a significant move towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly Olympic Games, Paris 2024 organizers on Tuesday announced that 60 percent of the food served during the games will be meat-free.

The decision aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the event and promote healthier eating options. During a recent presentation in Paris, Garden Gourmet chef Vincent Gillot showcased some of the vegetarian meals of the Olympics.

He introduced a vegetarian salad composed of quinoa and a medley of vegetables, accompanied by a tahini sauce and falafels. “It’s vegan, so this is very good for everything related to a balanced diet, for health too,” Gillot explained. “It’s lighter for everything related to sport. It’s not heavy and can fit into the diet of athletes.”

Carbon footprint

Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet emphasized the importance of reducing the event’s carbon footprint. He urged both participants and attendees to use public transportation to reach the venues and to explore the plant-based food options available.

“It’s also our responsibility to educate the people who will be engaged in Paris 2024,” Estanguet said. “It’s a collective duty now to change our habits and definitely to reduce our carbon footprint. So, when you buy food in the venue, you should also try the vegan food that is served because, in terms of taste, it’s very good.”

The culinary offerings at Paris 2024 will include meat-free burgers, quinoa salads, and falafels, among other vegetarian delights.

Starting from July 26, 2024, Paris 2024 promises that 60 percent of the food available at the Olympics will be vegetarian, aligning with their commitment to sustainability. Additionally, 80 percent of all dishes will be sourced from local produce in France, further reducing the Games’ environmental impact.

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