Birds die after oil spill in Bolivia lake

Animal News :Birds die after oil spill in Bolivia lake
Andean coot

Animal rescuers in Bolivia are cleaning birds covered in oil after a spill in Lake Titicaca. The spill came from a vegetable oil truck that flipped over at the beginning of December. Thirty thousand liters of oil entered the lake.

Some of the most affected animals are the Andean coots, a bird species native to the region. According to local media, over 100 of them have died. The birds were covered in oil and died of hypothermia, stress and weakness.

Amor por los Animals (Love for Animals) Bolivia (APLAB) called for the company responsible for the spill – Girasol SA – to take responsibility for cleaning up the lake and animals.

“We need to speed up the cleanups. Too many birds are dying per day, it’s not fair, just not right,” APLAB said on Monday. The truck transporting more than 30,000 liters of soybean oil overturned on December 3.

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