Mexico Supreme Court cancels 2022 bullfighting ban

Animal News : Mexico Supreme Court cancels 2022 bullfighting ban
Activists protest against bullfighting outside the Supreme Court of Justice, Mexico City, Mexico, December 6, 2023, credit: Reuters/Luis Cortes

The Supreme Court in Mexico has overturned the 2022 ban on bullfighting in Mexico City. Demonstrators, carrying signs with messages like “Bulls Yes, Bullfighters No!” and “Mexico says no to bullfights,” voiced their opposition, highlighting the controversial nature of this decision.

The court’s decision, reached by a panel of five judges, reverses the May 2022 temporary bullfighting ban. The ruling declared bullfights a violation of citizens’ rights to a healthy, non-violent environment.

Judges did not publicly detail why they decided to reverse the ban. Supporters of bullfighting argued that the ban violated their right to uphold a nearly 500-year-old cultural tradition. Since the 2022 ban, no bullfights had been held in the capital.

Animals are sentient beings

Outside the Supreme Court building, the ruling was met with mixed reactions. Critics of bullfighting, including city councilman Jorge Gaviño, emphasized the cruelty involved in the practice, advocating for animal rights.

Gaviño stressed that animals, as sentient beings, deserve constitutional protection in Mexico City. He tried to pass legislation for a permanent ban on multiple occasions.

On the other hand, José Saborit, director of the Mexican Association of Bullfighting, frames the issue as one of rights and freedoms. He insisted that diverse practices can coexist in a regulated manner.

There are varying attitudes towards bullfighting in Mexico and beyond. Since 2013, some of Mexico’s 32 states have implemented their own bans on the practice. Internationally, countries like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay have also banned bullfighting.

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