Surf legend Kelly Slater advocates for elderly manatee’s freedom at Miami Seaquarium

Animal News : Surf legend Kelly Slater advocates for elderly manatee's freedom at Miami Seaquarium

World-renowned surfing legend Kelly Slater, recognized for his eleven world championships and advocacy for environmental causes, is fighting for the fate of an elderly manatee named Romeo at the Miami Seaquarium in Florida, United States. 

He shared drone footage from Phil Demers, a sea life advocate and founder of UrgentSeas. The video showed the 67-year-old manatee in isolation in a small pool. Romeo has been living in captivity for the past 61 years. The female manatee Juliet also lives in captivity at the facility.

Slater urges Miami Seaquarium to allow the manatee to spend his remaining years in a more natural and social environment.

Save the Manatee Club said in a statement on Friday that it’s “closely monitoring the situation regarding the care of manatees at the Miami Seaquarium.” 

This isn’t Slater’s first engagement with the Miami Seaquarium’s practices. He previously criticized the facility following the death of Lolita, a killer whale who died after over five decades in captivity.

“This video was taken on Nov 13th, 2023 above the Miami Seaquarium. Romeo, a 67 year old manatee lives in complete isolation in ever deteriorating conditions,” UrgentSeas said.

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