Wildfires in Bolivian Amazon killing animals (VIDEO)

Animal News : Wildfires in Bolivian Amazon killing animals
Animal died from wildfires in Bolivian Amazon, credit: still video Reuters

Wildfires in the Bolivian Amazon have reached nature reserves and killed dozens of animals, local governments confirmed. Deer, tapirs, rodents, birds and other animals died from carbon monoxide intoxication, according to the reports.

Environment activists gathered on Friday in La Pazl to demand measures to tackle fires raging in the country that are destroying forests and animals.

“Our mother earth is dying. Our vegetation, fauna, and flora are disappearing. There are thousands of animals. The firefighters who are there still cannot put out the fire. We want a national emergency to be declared because we want our land to be safe,” one of the activists, Nataly Zamora,” said.

In the village of Bibosi, northwest Bolivia, volunteers and firefighters are battling the flames with water hoses and buckets. The drought of the last few months has reduced river water supplies, making firefighting more difficult.

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