South Korea to ban dog meat by 2027

Animal News : South Korea to ban dog meat by 2027
Dogs are shown locked in a cage at a dog meat farm in Hongseong, South Korea, February 8, 2020, credit: Jean Chung/For HSI

South Korea plans to ban the consumption of dog meat by 2027, authorities said on Friday. The announcement was made during a meeting with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and animal rights organizations. 

Policy chief of the ruling People Power party, Yu Eui-dong, said that by the end of this year, there will be a bill to implement a dog meat consumption ban.   

Eui-dong expected enough political support for the bill to pass, adding that there would be a three-year phase-out period. Once legislation is signed, the ban will come into full effect in 2027. The government wants to end the industry because of growing pressure from national and international animal rights groups. 

Dog farms in South Korea

Dog meat farmers protested in front of parliament, arguing that the decision ignored their right to live. “We will provide full support to farmers, butchers and other businesses facing closure or transition due to this law,” Eui-dong said.

There are about 1,150 dog farms and around half a million dogs slaughtered for meat in South Korea, according to government data. Most dogs are killed by electrocution, Humane Society International (HSI) said in a statement, adding that some are also hanged.

“News that the South Korean government is at last poised to ban the dog meat industry is like a dream come true for all of us who have campaigned so hard to end this cruelty,” JungAh Chae, executive director of HSI/Korea, said.   

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