King Charles and Queen Camilla visit elephant sanctuary in Kenya (VIDEO)

Animal News : King Charles and Queen Camilla visit elephant sanctuary in Kenya
Britain's King Charles and Queen Camilla visit Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant in Nairobi National Park, Kenya, November 1, 2023, credit: Victoria Jones via Reuters

King Charles and Queen Camilla visited an elephant sanctuary in Kenya on Wednesday. “The orphaned elephants and little Raha were delighted to meet Their Majesties,” the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, located within Nairobi National Park, said.

“President Ruto invited Their Majesties to Kenya as our nation prepares to celebrate 60 years of independence. Both the King and Queen are highly dedicated environmentalists,” the sanctuary said, adding that they discussed “coexistence and management of wild spaces.”

While at the sanctuary, the British monarchs met a baby rhino and learned about the rescue and rehabilitation work. They also visited the park’s ivory burning site, a historic location where 12 tonnes of ivory were burnt by former Kenyan President Daniel Arap Moi in 1989.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is an orphan elephant rescue and wildlife rehabilitation program. Dame Daphne Sheldrick founded it in 1977 to honor her late husband, David Sheldrick. It is now run by her daughter, Angela Sheldrick.

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