Dutch company secures €40 million to fight killing baby male chickens in egg industry

Animal News : Dutch company secures €40 million to fight killing baby male chickens in egg industry

A Dutch company has secured €40 million from the European Investment Bank to stop the killing of baby male chickens. Annually, billions of baby male chickens are killed because they are useless to the egg industry. Only female chicks are useful for egg laying.

The male chicks are killed when they’re only a day old. The newborns are gassed with carbon dioxide or shredded.

Chicken eggs usually take about three weeks to hatch. The Dutch company In Ovo has developed a system for screening and removing male eggs nine days after incubation begins.

“In Ovo’s technology means an improvement in the field of animal welfare,” Kris Peeters, vice-president at the European Investment Bank, said.

Wouter Bruins, the founder of In Ovo, said the company plans to expand internationally with the funding. “By implementing this technology, hatcheries can exclusively hatch female chicks. This makes culling day-old male chicks unnecessary,” In Ovo said in a statement.

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