Orca died on beach in Belgium

Animal News : Orca died on beach in Belgium
Male orca died on beach of Koksijde, Belgium, credit: Nicolas Maeterlinck/Belga/Sipa Usa via Reuters Connect

A male orca who washed up on the beach of Koksijde in Belgium died on Monday. The animal was first spotted on Sunday morning. 

“Those marine mammals don’t live here. The question is where he came from and what his health was like,” Kelle Moreau, spokesperson for the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (KBIN), told news outlet Het Laatste Nieuws. “At first glance, he seems particularly thin, exhausted and weak.”

“He had swum within 50 meters of the shore. We tried to sail with a rescue boat between the beach and the animal to encourage him to move towards the sea, but it was unsuccessful,” Moreau said. “He is now lying on the beach in De Panne where he fought a short death struggle.”

An autopsy will explain why the orca swam so close the coast and died in Belgium.

In October last year, a more than 5-meter-long orca washed up on the beach of Cadzand in the Netherlands. The animal died because several organs were inflamed. 

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