Bird flu kills over 500 seals and sea lions in Brazil

Animal News : Bird flu kills over 500 seals and sea lions in Brazil

Over 500 seals and sea lions died from bird flu Brazil, authorities said Wednesday. The animals were found dead on beaches along the coast of the country.

The bird flu virus outbreak started at the beginning of October in the southern Praia do Cassino, in the city of Rio Grande. The government tested dead mammals found on beaches and discovered the virus.

“It’s so sad because it’s really an outbreak that’s wiping out the population of sea lions,” Lauro Barcellos, director of the Oceanographic Museum,

Bodies of dead animals on the beach were buried to stop the spread of the virus. Authorities asked residents to stay away from dead or ill animals to prevent infection, local media reported.

In May, Brazil declared an animal health emergency over bird flu after confirming multiple cases in wild birds. The country is the world’s biggest chicken exporter and fears the virus will spread to commercial chicken factories.

Peru, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina have also reported bird flu cases in marine animals.

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