Harpy eagles Luna and Roque released into the wild in Bolivia (VIDEO)

Animal News : Harpy eagles Luna and Roque released into the wild in Bolivia

Two harpy eagles were released five years after their rescue in Bolivia. Luna and Roque were rescued when they were still baby eagles from an almost-deforested area in Santa Cruz in 2018.

Since then, they have been cared for at the animal rehabilitation center Bio Parque Curucusi as part of a pilot program to protect harpy eagles. 

“They are two harpy eagles. They arrived here with us after an alert call that they were found in a quite deforested area in the Guarayos zone. These individuals were still eaglets, and they weren’t in good conditions when the government team went to that area to rescue them,” veterinarian Cecilia Dorado said.

A satellite monitor was attached to each eagle to track their migration routes and behavior in the wild for two years.

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