Amazon River at lowest level in over a century, killing fish and dolphins (VIDEO)

Animal News : Amazon river dolphins die in mass due to drought and heat
Researchers retrieve dead dolphins from Lake Tefe, which flows into the Solimoes river, that has been affected by the high temperatures and drought in Tefe, Amazonas state, Brazil, October 2, 2023, credit: Reuters/Bruno Kelly

The Amazon River fell to its lowest level in over a century on Monday at the heart of the Brazilian rainforest as a record drought damages the jungle ecosystem. High water temperatures are suspected of killing fish and over 120 endangered river dolphins.

The port of Manaus, at the intersection of the Rio Negro and the Amazon River, recorded 13.59 meters (44.6 ft) of water on Monday compared to 17.60 a year ago. 

The Amazon region is under pressure from the El Niño weather pattern, with the volume of rainfall in the northern Amazon below the historical average.

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