Family responds to black bear encounter during picnic in Mexico

Animal News : Family responds to black bear encounter during picnic in Mexico

Silvia Macias, her son Santiago, and family friends Nathalia Fuentes and Angela Chapa amazed the internet with their calmness as a hungry black bear ate their picnic food in front of them in north Mexico on Monday. The video of the bear eating their food has gone viral.

The friends visited the Chipinque Ecological Park. When they went to eat something, a black bear appeared and jumped on their picnic table.

“I saw the bear run, but it didn’t give us a chance to leave. In two seconds…the bear was already on the table, Silvia was already with Santiago (her son), and then we started to move slowly towards the edge of the table,” Chapa told news agency Reuters.

“I felt a lot of fear, but the body kind of relaxes you, because I didn’t feel my breathing speeding up, my heart pounding, and that’s why I think I could remain still as the bear put his face and nose almost a centimeter away from my face. I could even smell his saliva,” Fuentes said.

Macias held her son Santiago close to her chest and covered his face as the bear ate their food in front of them. Macias said that Santiago, who has Down syndrome, is severely afraid of animals, so she covered his eyes.

“I just covered his eyes, and held him close to my chest. At first, he didn’t know what was going on, but the bear was growling and eating, making noises, smelling, so he knew there was an animal there. He was doing great, very calm until he started to get desperate. At the end of the video, you can see that he starts to cry,” Macias said.

As Santiago’s anxiety increased, Angela said she held a plate of food up to the bear’s nose for him to smell and tossed it away so that he would get off the table. When he walked away after a little over four minutes, the women and the child left the table and went to a bathroom, where they took refuge.

“Well, I think we did well; I think we kept calm with the animal, respected him and let him do what he wanted to do,” Chapa said. Mexican authorities have listed the black bear as an endangered species.

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