Lithuania to ban fur farming

Animal News : Lithuania to ban fur farming

The parliament in Lithuania overwhelmingly voted on Thursday to ban fur farming in the country. The legislation, which gained support from most parliamentarians, now awaits the President of Lithuania’s signature to become law. 

Fur farmers will have a three-year transition period; the ban will be implemented in 2027. According to local media, farmers who shut down operations by 2025 will get 3 euros per animal, 2 euros if they shut down by 2026 and 1 euro if they close by 2027.

Lithuania has 44 mink farms. The farms together kill about one million animals a year. There are also 31 chinchilla farms in the country, where around 30,000 animals are killed annually.

Several European countries have already imposed similar bans, acknowledging both public opinion and scientific evidence that demonstrates the detrimental impact of fur farming on animal well-being.

Mink have a great need for diving in water and hunting. They’re kept in small, wired cages at fur farms from birth until they die. The animals become so stressed from living in a cage that many develop compulsive behaviors and hurt themselves.

The Netherlands, Croatia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Malta, Ireland, Estonia, France, Italy and Latvia have banned fur farming. Political discussions on a ban are also underway in Romania, Spain and Poland. And Switzerland and Germany have implemented such strict regulations that fur farming has effectively ended.

“This is a momentous day in the history of animal welfare activists in Lithuania. This is a country that wants stronger legislation to protect animals,” Thomas Pietsch, head of wild animals in entertainment and textiles at animal welfare organization Four Paws, said.

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