Finland orders mass killing of 100,000 animals at fur farms

Obese foxes with infections at Finnish fur farm
Obese foxes at fur farms in Finland, photo: screenshot from video Oikeutta eläimille and Humane Society International/Europe

The Finnish Food Authority has ordered the killing of all foxes and raccoon dogs at fur farms where bird flu has been detected; 109,000 foxes and 6,000 raccoon dogs will be killed.  

This decision comes after a similar order was issued in August to kill animals at infected fur farms in Finland: 50,000 mink, 79,000 foxes, and 6,000 raccoon dogs were killed then. 

“Fur farming does not belong in a modern society or a modern economy,” Annabella McIntosh, wild animal campaigner at animal welfare organization Four Paws, said.

“As we have seen with COVID-19, the human-animal interface is a crucial part of public health, and what we have seen in Finland over the past months highlights the absolute need for an EU ban of fur farms,” she added. “Fur farming should be in the same category of high-risk practices (for human health) as the bushmeat trade and live animal markets.” 

“Finland is still a major fur-producing country in Europe with more than 500 farms for mink, foxes and raccoon dogs,” McIntosh said, adding that the mass killing could have been avoided. 

Last year, undercover footage revealed the horrible conditions in which animals are kept in Finland for their fur, which is used for the fashion industry. 

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