Sniffer dogs from Spain join rescue operations in Morocco (VIDEO)

Animal News : Sniffer dogs from Spain join rescue operations in Morocco
Spanish sniffer dog in Morocco, still video Reuters

A Spanish team from “Bomberos Unidos Sin Fronteras” (United Firefighters Without Borders) arrived on Tuesday in Morocco with specialized sniffer dogs, joining the urgent rescue operations after a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit the country.

Located 55 kilometers south of Marrakesh, the picturesque town of Amizmiz has experienced significant destruction from the earthquake. The Spanish team’s sniffer dogs are crucial in the frantic search for survivors amidst the rubble, as they offer an increased chance of locating trapped individuals.

Morocco has received and accepted aid offers from multiple countries. Spain and Britain, recognized for their expertise in search-and-rescue missions, sent specialists and their trained sniffer dogs.

According to the latest official figures, the earthquake killed at least 2,901 people and injured 5,530, making it Morocco’s deadliest since 1960 and most powerful since at least 1900.

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