Volunteers step up to help stray animals beat the heat in Georgia

Animal News Volunteers step up to help stray animals beat the heat in Georgia
Mariam Shekiladze, a member of the animal welfare organization Animal Project, poses with a puppy that was recently found on a road, Tbilisi, Georgia, August 17, 202, credit: Reuters/Roman Churikov

With temperatures hitting as high as 40°C this summer, stray animals in Georgia are struggling to survive. Volunteers from local organizations are working hard to help these dogs and cats find relief from the unbearable heat.

Natia Chikovani, co-founder of Animal Project, says that stray animals often suffer from dehydration during the hot summer months. She and other volunteers have been roaming the streets of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, filling up ice cream boxes with water for the thirsty animals.

“It’s very important to keep them well-hydrated during these hot days,” Chikovani said. She also suggested that businesses could allow animals to take shelter inside their buildings during the hottest parts of the day.

According to Mariam Tsertsvadze, another co-founder of Animal Project, there are around half a million stray dogs and cats on the streets of Georgia. “For such a small country, that’s a huge number,” Tsertsvadze mentioned. She hopes that attitudes towards these animals will change, as many people see them as dirty and do not want to help them.

The Animal Project has also launched a campaign to promote sterilization and adoption to improve animal welfare and reduce the number of strays in the country.

At PetEasy Cat Shelter, co-founder Keso Baramidze talks about the difficulty of finding forever homes for cats. The shelter has been open for two years, and many cats have been there since the beginning. “It’s so hard in Georgia to find new owners and forever homes for cats and dogs,” said Baramidze.

The volunteers are not giving up despite the difficulties they face. “Some people think that this planet is only for humans. It’s not. Animals deserve the same part of the land. And they also have the right to exist,” Tsertsvadze said.

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