Wildfire rages in northeastern Spain

Animal News : Wildfire rages in northeastern Spain

A severe wildfire has broken out in Portbou, a coastal town located in northeastern Spain, near the French border. 

Starting on Friday afternoon, the fire has since spread rapidly, consuming over 435 hectares (1075 acres). Over 250 firefighters and six helicopters have been brought in to tackle the blaze.

Authorities evacuated 140 people, mainly from a nearby campsite. Roads have been closed, and the town of Portbou is currently without electricity, water, internet, and telephone communications. 

The Portbou wildfire in Spain is not an isolated incident but part of a global trend of increasing and more severe wildfires

Wildfires have devastating effects on animal populations and ecosystems. They destroy the natural habitats of many species, leaving them without shelter or places to find food.

Many animals, especially slow-moving species, can be killed or injured by fires. Others may die later due to loss of food, exposure to predators, or injuries sustained during the fire.

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