Three elephants die from electrocution in India

Animal News : Three wild elephants die from electrocution in India
Flowers placed by locals on carcass of three wild elephants killed by electrocution near Panisanda village, Rani, Assam, India, Aug 4, 2023, credit: ANI Photo

Three elephants died on Friday from electrocution in Assam in India. The event highlighted the ongoing issue of human-elephant conflict in the region.

Residents of the Panichanda village found the lifeless bodies of the elephants, a mother and her two calves. The animals had wandered from the nearby forests into the village in search of food, only to come in contact with high-voltage electric wires, resulting in their death.

Local villagers informed the nearby forest department. The personnel arrived at the scene and conducted a post-mortem to determine the cause of death, confirming electrocution as the fatal factor. The community later buried the elephants, performing rituals to honor the elephants. 

This incident is not isolated; it highlights a tragic trend in Assam. In recent years, the state has seen several cases of wild elephants losing their lives to electrocution. Electric fences are often used by farmers to protect their crops from elephants.

Due to the rapidly declining forest due to human activities, which means the destruction of elephant habitats, these wild elephants are forced to venture into human settlements -areas which used to be theirs to roam- to look for food.

Electrocution, train accidents and poisoning are the main causes of elephant deaths in Assam.

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